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Becoming and staying fit has never been easier. Full Fitness is your fitness companion on the road to great health. Over 300 exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand!

Personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program.

For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitnessnot only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipement needed.

Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online!

Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 20 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions.

If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, Full Fitness has you covered! Full tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included!