A Guide to Picking the Right Kettlebell Weights for You

Kettlebell weights training are becoming more and more popular amongst workout and health enthusiasts as it is a uniquely and highly effective weight lifting and cardiovascular workout which enhances muscular and body strength, balance and flexibility, as well as efficiently induces weight loss.

It has been proven that kettlebell weights training can burn twice as many calories as regular or conventional weight lifting methods and exercises.

Do you want to purchase your own kettlebell weights for home use? Have you been thinking about which will be the right kettlebell weights to pick which will be fitting for your physical capacities and workout needs?

Trying out the Kettlebells Knowing Which Will Work Best for You

Trying out the Kettlebells: Knowing Which Will Work Best for You

Basically, you can find out which is the best kettlebell weight size for you by holding it over your head. Hold it for ten seconds and notice if your elbow is well locked and your arm does not shake. If there is not much of a struggle on your part in holding the kettlebell in place above your head, then you have found the right kettlebell weights size for you. For the most part, this is an effective way of figuring out the right weight of kettlebell your body can handle.

For more, read on and learn some more guidelines which you can follow in choosing your set of kettlebell weights.

The Types of Kettlebell Weights: Regular Kettlebells and Adjustable Kettlebells

Basically there are two types of kettlebell weights you can consider selecting from, namely, regular kettlebells and adjustable kettlebells.

The more common type is the regular kettlebell which has a fixed weight while the adjustable kettlebell is empty on the inside and can be filled with sand or a ball in order to make it heavier or lighter, as needed.

Try and anticipate your planned kettlebell weights training. Do you think you will be working out with kettlebells only occasionally or as a complementary workout to your regular exercise program? If so, then an adjustable kettlebell will be the better selection for you.

However, if you plan on ultimately using the kettlebell more regularly and consistently focus with your workout routine on the use of kettlebells as your main exercise equipment, then it is recommended for you to purchase the regular kettlebells with fixed weight.

Basic Guidelines for Picking the Kettlebell Weights According to Your Gender

Basic Guidelines for Picking the Kettlebell Weights According to Your Gender

Kettlebell weights are typically measured in kilos and they start at 4 kg and raised by 4 kg increments, with the range of sizes from 4 kg to 24 kg. Generally, it is advised that you start with a kettlebell weight of 8 kg to 18 kg.

To be more particular, if you’re a beginner and female, you can start with an 8 kg bell. The reason for this is because starting with the lightest which is 4 kg may not be heavy or effective enough for you to get the hang of solid weight lifting experience. On the other hand, if you are more seasoned at weight lifting, a 12 kg bell will be a good size to start with.

If you are a beginner and male, you can choose between a 12 kg and a 16 kg bell based on your existing level of fitness and muscular capacities. The 12 kg bell will be better fitting for you if you are new to body strength building, while the 16 kg bell will be more appropriate if you have enough familiarity with weight training and movements.