Red Tea Detox Review – Is It Worth It? Find Out the Truth Here…

Have you ever wished that there was a simple formula for losing weight without too much sacrifice or exercise? According to one woman, there is. This Red Tea Detox review will answer questions about this popular detox and weight loss program and go over some of the science behind it. Keep reading to find out what it is and whether it might be a good fit for your needs.

What is the Red Tea Detox Program?

The Red Tea Detox Program is a tea recipe and guide created by Liz Swann Miller, a self-proclaimed weight loss, and health expert. This mysterious red tea is revealed in the Red Tea Detox Program book written by Liz Swann Miller along with many other helpful tips for burning fat and losing weight.


The author claims that she traveled all the way to Africa to get the fat-busting red tea recipe from a tribal shaman. According to her story, her snake and quicksand filled journey paid off and she returned to America with a bowl of the ancient red tea formula.

Liz Swann Miller gives her readers secrets behind the power of the red tea formula as well as common reasons why it’s difficult to lose weight. She also shares her personal and sad story about how weight gain affected her life and marriage.


Rather than requiring obscure and hard to obtain ingredients, Miller claims that every ingredient that goes into the red tea can be found at regular grocery stores. This is surprising, but it allows virtually anyone to follow the program and increase their efforts at losing weight.

In addition to weight loss, the author goes into depth on the subject of toxins and how they cause problems within the body. She breaks down all the ways that toxins are sneaking into our bodies, including air pollution, food chemicals, drinking water, and more.


According to her, toxins are one of the main reasons people find it so hard to lose weight. By getting rid of these toxins, people can open the door to releasing weight and shrinking fat cells. Miller also discusses the role of stress in weight gain and retention and covers how the ingredients in the red tea recipe contribute to stress relief.

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How Does The Red Tea Detox Program Work?

The program is designed to last fourteen days, which the author claims are the perfect length of time for a detox. During these fourteen days, she says that users can expect to lose up to fourteen pounds, amounting to about a pound per day. It’s important to note that this far exceeds what physicians would regard as a healthy number of pounds to lose in just two weeks.

While it should not last longer than two weeks, Miller says that the program can be repeated as many times as necessary. During the detox, users are supposed to drink red tea three times per day with meals and as a snack.

Users can drink the tea hot or iced, and they can mix it with their regular protein shake or smoothie. In addition, drinking it in the evening won’t interfere with sleep as it does not contain any caffeine. It is also vegan and sugar-free.

This drink is designed to do several things in the body. First, it is supposed to trigger the body’s natural fat burning system. Cleansing and detoxing ingredients clear the body of toxins and allow the body to more effectively shrink fat cells. It also kills the appetite and reduces cravings and annoying feelings of hunger.


Some of the ingredients contain chemicals like Aspalathin which are shown to inhibit the production of new fat cells. Antioxidants included in the tea also reduce free radicals and help keep diseases at bay. In addition, the author claims that the ingredients in this tea regulate bad cholesterol and blood sugar, improve mood and digestion, metabolize carbohydrates better, and lower insulin resistance.

If this tea works the way the author claims, it can not only help users lose weight, but it can also eliminate the feelings of hunger that make dieting and abstaining from sugar and fat so difficult. In addition, it can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes by regulating blood sugar and cholesterol and lowering insulin resistance in the body.


Antioxidants may also play a role in minimizing aging and preventing the development of cancers. Finally, it may also help improve the user’s digestion with mild diuretics and make them feel more balanced and happy.

What’s Included in the Red Tea Detox Program?

When people order the Red Tea Detox Program, they can expect several products. The purchase of the Red Tea Detox Program includes the book that contains the coveted red tea recipe with precise measurements for each ingredient as well as the in-depth science behind the health secrets of the formula.


The author claims that it took her over five years to gather all of the scientific research that explains the effectiveness and power of the red tea formula. In addition, customers will also receive a full fourteen-day meal plan that supports fat burn and weight loss while on the Red Tea Detox.

Users will also enjoy a comprehensive exercise plan that allows them to quickly workout without over-exhausting themselves. The author also includes a motivation booklet that enhances focus and provides inspiration for the detox and weight loss journey.

At the time of creating this Red Tea Detox review, the Red Tea Detox price is $37.00. This includes all of the materials such as books, guides, and workout videos, but it does not include any of the actual ingredients that go into the tea formula.

Some customers may order this product expecting to receive a packet of tea in the mail only to discover that they ordered an instructional book and supplemental materials.

It may disappoint customers to know that they won’t be receiving a finished or drinkable product when they order the Red Tea Detox Program. However, the author claims that even knowing the ingredients isn’t enough to replicate the benefits or results of this tea.


She says that people need to use the exact quantities of each ingredient for the tea to actually work, and she provides these exact measurements in her book as part of the detox program. This should increase the value of the materials rather than minimize them, and it allows users to make as much as their own red tea at home as they want indefinitely.

Is the Red Tea Detox a Scam?

Some unhappy customers have some negative things to say about this tea detox program, leading others to call the Red Tea Detox a scam.

According to one Red Detox review, the instructions are vague and almost non-existent where they would be the most helpful. Users sometimes find the book and supplementing materials confusing and are left not knowing exactly what to do.
Another Red Detox review pointed out flaws in the author’s story and found it to be quite far-fetched. Many users find it difficult to believe that the author had such an adventure in Africa and that she received a sacred and secret tea from a remote shaman’s hut.

What’s more, there is no way to verify the validity of her claims since she never mentions the name of the tribe or reveals any of the ingredients that go into the elusive tea outside of her expensive program.

It appears to some that the author invented an elaborate story to sell a recipe for a cure-all tea that contains no new or special ingredients. According to the author, all of the ingredients are extremely common and may already be in the user’s pantry at the time of reading her book.

This makes many users skeptical about the power and weight reducing properties that the author claims the tea possesses. In addition, the only real proof of the tea’s effectiveness cited by the author is the results experienced by herself and her husband and the claimed results reported by her readers.

None of these results have been verified by unaffiliated parties, and shoppers are only left with testimonials and possibly Photoshopped before and after images to judge whether the recipe and materials are legitimately helpful.

While the author refers to a few scientific studies to back up her claims about some of the beneficial properties of the ingredients, it’s important to point out that no scientific studies have been conducted on the tea itself.

No peer-reviewed scientific clinical trials have ever been conducted on Miller’s tea recipe to test for preventative or weight loss benefits. Since there is little to no real science backing the results behind this tea, the validity of the tea’s benefits is left with only Miller’s sales pitch and some unverified customer reviews.

Is the Red Tea Detox Worth It?

Even though some of the testimonials and photos used to promote the product are questionable and no scientific studies have been conducted on the tea, it does not mean that the product doesn’t work.

According to some Red Tea Detox reviews, the tea recipe and accompanying meal plan helped users lose weight and improve their energy levels over the two-week program.

Some users from another Red Tea Detox review claim that there are many benefits to drinking this red tea and they also enjoyed the unique flavor. In addition, rather than purchasing a limited use product, this program supplies the recipe, meal plan, workouts, and motivation for unlimited use in the future.

With such mixed reviews and opinions, this product cannot be unanimously proclaimed effective or ineffective. Every shopper must decide whether they want to pay $37.00 for an obscure and untested tea recipe and some digital booklets and videos.

Some users find that the product is life-changing and worth more than they paid, and others feel like it was a waste of their money. If shoppers fully understand what they’re buying and are still interested in obtaining the recipe, meal plan, and workouts, then the product is worth it.

However, if shoppers prefer to purchase products that are pre-made and backed by credible research, then they should consider looking elsewhere for a weight loss solution.


  • Unlimited use
  • Detoxes the body
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Caffeine-free
  • Pleasant taste


  • Doesn’t provide the ingredients
  • Has never been clinically tested
  • May not facilitate results
  • Directions may be unclear
  • May not come from a credible source

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The Bottom Line On Red Tea Detox

This Red Tea Detox review defined what this program is all about, what it offers, and how it works. While the secret African red tea makes a good story, it may make some people wonder if there is any truth behind it. The benefit of being able to make your own tea at home is ideal for some users, but others just want a product that is already made and ready to drink.

Even though the red tea may not be effective for everyone, it is probably harmless for most users to prepare and consume. This obscure, cure-all tea recipe might not be the best use of nearly $40.00, but for some, it may be worth trying.

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