Yes4All Kettlebell Review

This Yes4All kettlebell is made from high-quality cast-iron, so you won’t see dents, weak spots, or even a seam. The bell’s black paint finish is designed to prevent corrosion while increasing the bell’s overall durability and providing the user with a secure, comfortable grip so you won’t have to worry about the bell slipping out of your hands during a swing like you might with a bell that has a glossy finish.

Kettlebell by Yes4All Rundown and Features

The bell’s wide, textured handle also helps to improve grip security for high reps, so you won’t need to use chalk. Chalk is commonly used in competitions or intense workouts to help improve grip, especially when lifting a heavier weight.

The bottom of the bell is flat, which is ideal for certain kettlebell exercises such as push-ups or renegade rows, mounted pistol squats or handstands.

Cast-iron bells have been on the market for years and are the go-to tool for lifters looking for a total body workout. This model is designed with cast steel handles that were designed with user comfort in mind.

These bells are available in a wide range of weight options ranging from five to sixty pounds. The weight increase comes in five pound increments. This type of weight variety will work to continually challenge your body, preventing a plateau and allowing you to experience new gains each and every week.

Working out with the Yes4All

If you’ve decided to purchase this Yes4All kettlebell then you’ve made your first step towards improving your strength, losing weight, and upping your endurance. But using a kettlebell, even one that’s well-made like this model will take a little practice in terms of perfecting your form and learning how to correctly use the bell to get the type of results you’re looking for.

If you’ve ever watched someone doing a bell swing, which involves bringing the kettlebell between the legs and swinging it to chin height, then you may think that the lifter is using their arms to achieve this motion. However, the swing power actually comes from the glutes, and legs and is actually a hip driven movement. The arms are simply going along for the ride. The energy that’s created when you push your legs up from a bent position and when the hips are snapped into a standing position is what really lifts the kettlebell.

In order to execute a safer swing with this bell, rely on these points:

  • When the kettlebell is placed between the legs, the lifter should be hinged forward from the hips and not the waist. The back should be long instead of rounded.
  • The heels must remain on the floor during this movement
  • Never push the hips forward at the top of the swing. Instead, stack them on top of the legs in a neutral, normal standing position.
  • The bell should come no higher than chin height. Momentum will move the kettlebell back down.
  • When the bell swings back down, never squat with the knees. Instead, hinge from the hips.

The speed of the swing will depend on the type of weight you choose for the bell. If you pick out a heavier bell, it will slow the swing down. Find a rhythm that really works for the weight of the kettlebell you choose and don’t force yourself to follow a certain beat or attempt to keep up with the person in the DVD you’re watching.

Try to reduce the amount of tension you carry in your shoulders because it will allow the arms to freely swing and can prevent you from muscling the weight around, which ends up putting too much stress on the joints and muscles.

This Yes4All features a pretty sweet handle that’s wide and easy to grip. When holding onto it, make sure you keep your wrists in a neutral position, without any bend in them. Until you get used to using this kettlebell you may even want to consider using wrist protectors. Also, make sure you stay a little loose on the handle. While you definitely don’t want to drop this bell, especially if you chose a heavier weight, you also don’t want to white knuckle grip it which can prevent it from swiveling in the hands the way it needs to in order to create the momentum that makes this type of workout so effective.

Kettlebell Pros and Cons

Pros: The structure of the bell is made from solid cast-iron that doesn’t have defective spots or a seam. It’s covered in a thick powder coating that won’t chip away over time. The coating will provide the lifter with a firmer, improved grip during a sweaty workout. The bottom of the bell is flat, designed for improved stability which is perfect for floor work. This feature is a huge selling point for consumers because it allows for more exercise versatility.

Cons: Some consumers felt that the bell’s flattened sides were a drawback. The bell’s wider handle design is perfect for two-handed swings, however, if you do plenty of cleans or snatches then this bell can end up causing serious injury, especially if you choose one that’s too heavy. The flattened sides allow the bell to pick up too much momentum, causing it to connect with the forearms.

Other lifters complained that the handle’s texture was too rough, which can easily cause blisters.

Yes4All Conclusion & Rating

Overall, most consumers who purchased this bell by Yes4All were satisfied with its quality and feel. The bell is well-balanced and offers an accurate weight. It’s perfect for users of all fitness levels, thanks to the many size options. Choosing the right weight is important not only for an effective workout but for safety. We recommend choosing a lighter bell if you’re a beginner, simply because it will take you some time to perfect your form and learn how to execute each exercise safely. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars.

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