ProSource Kettlebell Review

ProSource is a popular brand that offers an extensive line of affordable fitness gear.

The ProSource kettlebell is a solid cast-iron tool that’s sturdy and precise. This bell can be used for a total body workout that can offer better results than certain traditional weight training workouts if used correctly. It can be used to combine strength training and cardio exercises for an effective fat burning, muscle building session that will give you results.

ProSource KettleBell Features and Specs

This bell is equipped with a smooth, extra-large handle that offers a secure and comfortable grip which works to minimize hand pain for both women and men. Users will be able to improve endurance, power, and overall strength by performing traditional kettlebell exercises such as get-ups, squats, snatches, deadlifts, and swings.

This bell is available in nine different weight options including five pounds, ten pounds, fifteen pounds, twenty pounds, twenty-five pounds, thirty pounds, thirty-five pounds, forty pounds, and forty-five pounds. These weight options will allow you to choose the perfect kettlebell weight based on your current fitness level and/or fitness goals.

These bells are designed to last. Featuring a solid cast-iron design with no seams, weak spots, or welds, making them great for indoor and outdoor use.

Working out with your ProSource Bell

Working out with this ProSource bell is the definition of what some fitness pros call a more functional workout. This means that the bell will work your muscles in the same manner as when you do everyday activities such as lugging in heavy groceries, picking up your child, or even cleaning the house. If swinging a weight instead of holding it seems a little intimidating, this bell features a handle designed for an improved grip that doesn’t become slippery even if you’re sweating, so you can feel confident that your grip is secure even when you’re doing a few sets of kettlebell swings.

One of the biggest differences between this kettlebell and a traditional weight is that while you’ll try to avoid cheating by using momentum with a dumbbell, this bell is all about controlling the momentum in order to switch directions. This allows you to tap into smaller stability muscles and big powerhouse muscles. If you’re looking for instruction or inspiration, meet with a personal trainer who can show you how to correctly work out with a kettlebell for a more effective workout.

Using this bell a few times a week will work to tone and tighten your entire body, but the dynamic movements will also burn a ton of calories. The amount of calories burned in ten minutes is comparable to running a five-minute mile, according to some studies.

Fitness experts suggest starting off with a fifteen-pound bell for women and a twenty-five to thirty-pound bell for men. You’ll want to use heavier weight when the power is coming from the legs and a lighter bell for moves when the arms are emphasized, such as halos or presses. When you combine the strength of multiple muscle groups with momentum, you’ll be able to lift more weight than you thought possible.

When you use so many muscle groups at the same time, this causes the core to remain engaged in order to stabilize each movement. Correct form is essential when using this bell, so stop working and rest if you feel that your form is suffering. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the entire structure of your abs and back should remain straight as though you’re wearing a brace. The bell’s overall quality and handle design will set you up for a more effective, successful workout, however, without the right form, even using this top of the line bell won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Kettlebell Pros and Cons

Pros: This bell is designed with durability in mind. The bell’s strong structure makes it an ideal choice for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced lifters.

The extra-large handle makes it easier for users to comfortably grab the bell using one or two hands. It’s also smooth, so you can enjoy a comfortable and secure grip that won’t cause blisters or pain. This bell definitely won’t slip from your hands during a challenging workout.

This bell is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of exercises including get-ups, swings, cleans, goblet squats, around the worlds, presses, lunges, and squats, for a more challenging workout.

Because the single cast process provides a bell with no weak spots or seams, you know this kettlebell is designed to last for life.

The bell’s finish is high-quality. There’s a light enamel coating added and baked on for added durability. This coating gives the bell a glossy look that makes it shine but doesn’t affect the ability to securely grip the bell. You’ll notice the surface is free of seams, imperfections, and bubbles.

For many consumers, the handle size was a huge plus. The handle size can easily accommodate two-hand movements, even for users with larger hands.

The bell is level so it won’t wobble during use, making it a good option for floor work.

Cons: Some lifters reported that over time, the paint does tend to come off. The bottom of the bell isn’t perfectly flat, however, it’s still flat enough for renegade rows and push-ups. Unfortunately, these bells are not sold in pairs. The cost can really add up if you end up outgrowing your bells too quickly. We recommend starting off with a weight that’s five to ten pounds heavier than what you normally use.

ProSource Bell Conclusion & Rating

We love how easy these bells are to grab and swing, without slipping. While the price is a little on the steep side, these bells are built tough and can take your workout game to the next level if you choose the right weight and use the correct form. Consumers who purchased this bell gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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