Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell Review

The Dragon Door RKC Russian kettlebell is perfectly designed to provide you with the best results including increased power, endurance, and gains. The RKC is Dragon Door’s most popular model and it’s also the ideal size for both men and women to use to jumpstart their strength, conditioning, and cardio programs.

Dragon Door is a company that has been around for over twenty years. Most lifters first discover Dragon at their local gym or CrossFit center. What attracts most lifters to these products is the company’s free forum and fitness articles. Their sites feature information packed articles regarding the best and most effective kettlebell workouts around, shared by the top kettlebell coaches out there. This manufacturers offer a solid line of training equipment, not to mention books that are designed for people who enjoy hardcore training.

In recent years, the kettlebell market has simply exploded. In an attempt to make these weights more popular, manufacturers have come out with a wide variety of unique kettlebells ranging from plastic bells and adjustable bells to bells with a wider or slimmer grip.

But what makes Dragon Door so unique is that they’ve stuck to the original Russian kettlebell design. Once again, this kettlebell, for those of you who want to implement kettlebells into your workout- is not a gimmicky tool. Instead, this bell is designed to be used to boost your athleticism, power, and strength.

This bell is designed like the original Russian kettlebell and is molded from high quality cast iron. It comes equipped with a rust resistant coating which helps to make it last longer.

Women should check out Dragon Door’s line of women-specific bells which are made exactly the same but feature a much slimmer handle which makes them easier to grip.

Kettlebell Overview and Features

The classic Russian kettlebell by Dragon Door features a fat grip, which is what makes these bells so effective and unique. Without this type of grip, you may as well swing a dumbbell.

This RKC bell is designed with precision and balance in mind and is specifically designed to work well with any type of flooring, thanks to the bell’s smooth finish which helps to minimize damage if you happen to put your bell down too roughly in the middle of a workout.

If you’re someone who is very limited in terms of where you’re able to train, or you have to work out in your apartment or another type of similar space, then this is the perfect type of kettlebell for you.

The problem with the average kettlebell is that they tend to damage the floor whenever you set them down, unless you’re working out on a protective mat.

But with these kettlebells, you’ll no longer have to worry.

These bells also offer an easier grip that’s perfect for beginners.

Dragon Door Bell Pros and Cons

Pros: The manufacturer’s mission is to cultivate toughness. They’re not interested in becoming a popular commercial company. From their bells to their books their main focus is more on old school tools and methods to improve athleticism and build muscle and strength.

Their kettlebells are actually the preferred source of equipment for combat athletes, law enforcement, and the military. The company also holds a number of kettlebell training certs all over the world. Straight up, this company knows kettlebell training, so they have a better understanding of the needs and fitness goals of their customers.

Dragon Door also essentially launched the kettlebell revolution. They’re at the top of their class while everyone else is busy playing catch up. This is a company that will continue to lead, especially considering the durability and overall quality of their products, such as the Russian bell we’ve reviewed here. If you’re someone who is searching for high quality, tough fitness equipment, and your focus is to finally achieve your fitness goals, then this kettlebell is for you.

These kettlebells are available in eight different size options so you can continue to use this same style and brand as your strength and endurance increases, requiring you to advance to a heavier bell. Once you purchase your first Dragon Door bell you can take advantage of the company’s forums, books, and DVDs to get the best workout results possible.

Many consumers also reported that the bell’s handle is wide enough to accommodate two-handed movements. The texture offers a lot of gripping power so you won’t have to worry about the bell slipping, even when you’re sweaty.

Cons: The only downside to this kettlebell is the price. For the lowest weight, you can expect to spend around forty dollars. As you progress, you’ll end up outgrowing your bells, which means you’ll need to upgrade by going heavier. The price of these bells will increase with the weight of the bell.

Who Should Use this Dragon Door Kettlebell?

If you’re desperately trying to lose weight or build muscle, then these bells are for you. If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for the tools to use to take your workout to the next level, or you’re looking to bulk up or shred your physique, then Dragon Door offers the perfect kettlebell for your workout regimen.

If you have a hectic busy schedule during the week and you need to focus more on shorter, intense workouts, then a kettlebell routine can help you to earn gains and burn some fat in just a fraction of the time when compared to your average dumbbell workout.

If you’ve already incorporated kettlebells into your routine and you’re looking for a heavier kettlebell, Dragon Door offers a wide variety of weights and styles to choose from.

Dragon Door RKC Conclusion & Rating

Overall, you’ll love how this kettlebell feels in your hand, the sheer versatility it can offer each and every workout, not to mention the quality of the bell itself and the solid, stable handle. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars for quality, comfort, and durability.

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