Learn Muay Thai: The Three Stages Toward Mastery of the Sport

Just like any other contact, combat sports, to learn Muay Thai, you will have to go through different stages toward mastering it. Muay Thai is also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” as it uses punches, kicks, and elbows and knee strikes, creating eight points of contact, rather than the traditional two (boxing) or four (boxing, kickboxing).

It’s a rather unique mixed martial arts discipline which requires a completely different type of training.

While each person will learn Muay Thai at a very unique and different speed and pace, based on the person’s inherent capacities to learn, and the body’s coordination, strength and flexibility, there is an overall and generic learning curve which every Muay Thai student should follow.

The three stages involved in order to effectively learn Muay Thai remains the same for every Muay Thai trainee.

The Three Stages to Learn Muay Thai and Eventually Master the Sport

The Three Stages to Learn Muay Thai and Eventually Master the Sport

Learning Muay Thai: The Slow Beginning

During your first attempts to learn Muay Thai, there is an initial learning process involved before you will be able to improve your movement techniques.

The basic movements. To learn Muay Thai, you will need to understand how you can execute proper footwork, steps, kicks and punches. All these are required in the beginner’s first steps to learn Muay Thai before you can ever step up to naturally rapid movements.

Creating the foundation. It is important to note that these steps of the initial Muay Thai learning process will take time. You do not have to put pressure on yourself to get the hang of Muay Thai movements in the blink of an eye. Neither should you be overwhelmed by too much technical information.

What you need to do is to carry on with the practice routines where you can use repetition as a way to learn Muay Thai movements which will help until the movements become second nature to you.

To learn Muay Thai, the fundamentals are a required foundation on which you can eventually build to mastery, as well as your own individual technique.

Avoid incorrect habits and techniques. Since you are building a foundation to eventually master the sport, you should pay close attention to executing Muay Thai movements correctly. Bear in mind, you are creating a habit in your practice routines which you will carry with you toward mastery.

Therefore, at the onset of learning Muay Thai, you should adhere to the correct of movements.

Learning Muay Thai: The Fast Acceleration or the Steep Acceleration

The fast or steep acceleration in the Muay Thai learning curve is when the movements are starting to become second nature to you and your body.

When your movements are now second nature to you. You will have natural responses toward attacks of the opponent without thinking twice or hesitating. All the fundamentals have finally been set in your mind and you begin to progress into the phase where your execution in the sport feels natural, and your movements as basic and easy as walking.

During the fast or steep acceleration in the Muay Thai learning curve, you shall experience the fastest development in your journey to learn Muay Thai.

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Learning Muay Thai: The Plateau

After the slow beginning and the steep acceleration phases in learning Muay Thai, you will then get into the final phase of the process which is called the plateau.

In the plateau, the general tendency is to slow down learning new techniques, because most of them have become second nature to you.

Choose to train more. The difficulty in this stage of learning Muay Thai is that you either make conscious efforts to continue your improvement or you choose to become complacent with your knowledge of the sport.

You can always avoid the latter by being dedicated and committed to gaining more knowledge than what you already have. After all, you will never run out of things to learn in Muay Thai.