MI40 Review – Does Benjamin Pakulski’s Workout Program Really Work?

Muscle building and fat shedding programs are just about a dime a dozen nowadays. Even so, the MI40 system manages to stand out amongst the crowd. 

It is a program that has gathered a remarkable amount of attention over a short span of time. The following MI40 workout review will dive deep into the details about the program. By the end of it, you should have all the information you need to decide if this is the right training system for you.

The Man Behind MI40 – Ben Pakulski

Before tackling what the MI40 workout is, let's address the man who created it first and foremost.

Benjamin Pakulski (a.k.a Ben Pak) is a seasoned bodybuilder who is well-known in his field. With an honors degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, it is clear that Ben takes fitness seriously. He has well over 14 years of expertise to go along with it that he readily shares with others.

Beyond his focus on muscle building, Ben Pak frequently teaches all about bodybuilding itself and proper nutrition. He frequently mentions how, when training, the body should be treated as a whole rather than isolate certain areas. As such, he develops training and nutritional guidelines that follow close to that strategy. 

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What is the MI 40 Workout?

MI40 is short for Mass Intentions 40, and it is a fitness training program that includes, in Ben Pak's words, effective shortcuts in building and developing leaner muscles in a short amount of time. The reason behind the number 40 is that it is used as an ideal amount of time for muscle-building variables. This includes, but isn't limited to, time concerning how your body adapts to new training exercises, the length of the workouts (40 minutes) and sets (40 seconds), recovery time, etc.

The mechanisms behind MI40 is that the system makes use of NOS (Neurological Overload Sets) which aid in both muscle growth and conquering plateaus. NOS push muscles to feel a level of failure. This stimulates the endocrine system which aids in producing a larger amount of testosterone as well as aiding muscle growth. It prevents you from walking away from a workout feeling as though you did not do enough. You will always feel as though you pushed to your limits.

On top of all that, the program teaches conscious intent so that you can truly understand exactly when your muscles have become too heavy. This is an act that can create far greater risks to me. The intent you gain from the training system grants you a better level of safety when pushing your body to those limits and beyond.

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With MI40, the workouts are structured a bit differently amongst each other. No matter how the system is laid out, the variation in exercises is designed to keep you motivated throughout as well as continually challenge your muscles to adapt and work harder.

Unlike many other training programs, the MI40 is currently digital only; meaning, you can just view it online via download. It is possible that once you purchase the program, you can transfer everything (manuals, MI40 workout pdf, etc.) from the official website to your personal computer for safe keeping.

Main Features of Ben Pakulski MI40 

In total, there are eight different components within the MI40 workout program. Details about each component are explained further below so that you have a clearer idea of what you will be working with if you decide to purchase.

  • Component 1: 40-Day Mass Intentions Training Manual: This manual serves as an overall introduction guide to the training system. Both of Ben's theories about NOS and Intent are explored in greater detail here so that those participating in the program can better grasp what he's talking about.
  • Component 2: 40-Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual: It is yet another guideline, but this time, it is all about what you are putting into your body. Within this, Ben's Three Phase Nutrition strategy is expressed that aims to help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
  • Component 3: 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos: There are eight separate HD DVDs that add up to seven total hours worth of coaching from Ben Pak. You are provided with step-by-step instructions as Ben guides various athletes through the exercises. The exercises tackles various parts of the body such as the back, delts, triceps, abs, and plenty more.
  • Component 4: 40-Day Mass Proportions Exercise Execution Guide: This is a handy guide to have on-hand to use along with the workout videos. It contains illustrations and details about how to perform all 40 exercises from start to finish so that you can never get it wrong.
  • Component 5: 40-Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets: These printable sheets act as a way to keep you going steady with your new exercise routine. It keeps you informed of exactly which exercises you have to do, the reps, your rest times, and a number of additional tips.
  • Component 6: 40-Day Mass Pursuit Calendar: The calendar is a way to keep you up to date on your workout days and rest days. It also helps inform you what workout you will be performing throughout the program.
  • Component 7: 40-Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol: It is a 19-page guideline in which Ben speaks about the supplements he has used and what he frequently recommends to those he coaches.
  • Component 8: Size Secrets Audio Interrogation: These are Ben Pak's self-proclaimed "under-the-radar" tidbits that help produce great gains.
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Who is MI 40 Program Designed For?

As the training system is made to help you get big and lean, it is mainly used by fitness individuals such as weightlifters and bodybuilders, men and women alike. Ben Pak explains that there is generally no age limit to his system, but he does not recommend the training program for anyone who is under the age of 15.

Ideally though, those who are making good use of this program are more intermediate to advance in terms of training frequency and skills. Beginners may have a hard time keeping up with the routines even though they are just 40 minutes long with the occasional rests in between. Even intermediate users are known to struggle a bit with some of the routines.

This is why even Ben recommends that you do not use this 40-day system consecutively. One time is enough for some time. The workouts in the system demand a great deal from the body as it is meant to truly overload your system from your muscles to your nerves.

MI40 Benefits 

For those who are looking to bulk up in muscle and strength while cutting away the fat, this program seems to work well. It stress all the right muscles to kick-start their growth and recovery. With every exercise clearly laid out, there is no mistaking anything that you have to do within the program. From the get-go, you will know what is expected of you. 

Furthermore, the MI40 workout teaches about important principles in muscle building. The workouts within all explain proper range of motion along with neurological overload. All of the scientific aspects are given a lot of thought in both the physical training and the additional nutritional and supplement information. Anyone looking to learn more about this muscle building can easily do so through the use of this system.

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Pros and Cons

Like with all exercise training systems, the MI40 comes along with a number of advantages as well as some disadvantages that are important to address:


  • The entire training program is designed by a reputable, professional bodybuilder who boasts over 14 years of experience and an honors degree in Kinesiology.
  • This is a highly comprehensive program. With the MI40 workout pdf, videos, audios, and various manuals, there is little worry that you will ever find yourself without guidance.
  • The MI40 comes along with some rather adequate nutrition information if you are interested in developing leaner muscle mass.
  • This is a system that is known to work well for both men and women.
  • All of the exercises within are touted for being completely effective, allowing you the chance to see real results at the end of the 40 days.
  • If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with the training system, it comes along with a money-back guarantee. This is a no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back promise.


  • It is not the safest or easiest training system for beginners who are just looking to burn fat and gain some muscle. The exercises are truly intense and they seem to lean more toward those who have been training for a good deal of time rather than one who just started up.
  • The way the 40-day system is laid out, it does not allow for much room to have any sort of flexibility during the training weeks. You will have to put aside the time to devote all of yourself to this program. Otherwise, you may not get the best use out of it.
  • For some people, this training program can become rather costly. In particular, if you decide to go along with the supplements as well, all of them can continually add up over time.

Bottom Line – Is Mass Intention Worth It? 

Though there are a few drawbacks, most of which concern the level of devotion for a 40-day program as well as it being too much to handle for beginners, the MI40 seemingly lives up well to its reputation. Most MI40 reviews all agree on one thing: if you are in the market in shredding away fat while experiencing bigger, leaner muscle growth, then this is the ideal training system for you.

It includes rigorous, effective workouts and well-rounded nutrition and overall training advice. You will be kept nicely on track throughout the 40 days thanks to the worksheets and calendar. If you ever find yourself to become unsure about an exercise, there are the videos coupled with the detailed illustrations in the manual.

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